YouTuber BLANKS is anything but your typical influencer. Using the platform to promote his love and passion for playing and writing music, Blanks has effortlessly straddled the boundary between internet sensation and fully-fledged pop star. Buy tickets below.

You may recognise his face from viral videos such as his 80s style-swapped version of Post Malone’s ‘Better Now’ - a unique foray into the world of music-YouTube which really set him apart from the crowd. He counts Post Malone himself and Ariana Grande amongst his famous fans, having captured their attention - along with the rest of the internet’s - with these imaginatively reworked covers. But now, he’s branching out into the world of original music... and the results are spectacular.

‘Sweaters’ is the latest single from this self-described “overexcited music boy”, and is the introverts’ ode to nights’ in, spent cosying up in front of TV shows wearing pyjamas and, yes, sweaters. Characterised by Blanks’ signature 80s-influenced basslines and funky clap-along beats, ‘Sweaters’ is utterly captivating from start to finish, with Blanks’ impressive vocal range holding the whole thing together with ease.

Lyrically, the song tells the tale of an LA party Blanks attended, a situation in which he felt less than comfortable. He listened to his energy levels and left to go home, where he decided to write a song about his experience - “why don’t we stay inside for tonight? / Sweaters as dressing code”. This topic is certainly a universal one, and the song reassures those who have felt the same way that they are not alone - sometimes there really is no place like home!

The release of ‘Sweaters’ comes at a very exciting time for Blanks. Heading into the new year with an incredibly well-received performance at Eurosonic festival under his belt, this self made pop star stunned during a headline slot at Vidcon London on the 23rd February 2020, and is looking forward to a headline show on the 21st April at Colours Hoxton, as well as an exciting spot on the bill at The Great Escape festival in Brighton, 13th-16th of May 2020.

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