is proud to host the exclusive world premiere of ‘Spaceship’ by Pet Puma.

Lifting your spirits to an out-of-this-world level and filling your ears with intergalactic synth-pop sounds are what five piece band Pet Puma are proving they excel at, with their debut offering, ‘Spaceship’.

‘Spaceship’ serves as the perfect cosmic introduction to a group who want to invite all life forms into their own fun-filled world. Laced with funky grooves, and led by the song’s infectious synths, crashing drum cymbals and upbeat tambourines, ‘Spaceship’ has an overriding sense of 80’s nostalgia that will transport listeners back to a simpler time.

Putting a professional stuntwoman, Instagram influencer, dungeon master, entrepreneur and songwriter all into the mix was always going to be an intriguing venture. Pet Puma, comprised of John, Violet, Kane, Matt and Tom are living proof that a band with such a diverse range of professions can really kickstart a career in the music biz.

A desire to bring some joy with their music, Pet Puma’s inaugural single ‘Spaceship’ is a funky pop song akin to the likes of Mystery Jets and Prince that is guaranteed to plaster a smile across your face and put a big spring in your step.

Picture credit: @itsjustgillian