is proud to host the exclusive world premiere of ‘Good Man’ by Hilary Roberts.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Hilary Roberts is ready with an anthem all about praising the Good Man in your life - toxic masculinity who?
‘Good Man’ is set to take over the radio on 7th February 2020.

Hilary Roberts is back with ‘Good Man’, a song which is made for dusting off the cobwebs of winter and getting you ready for love this Valentine’s Day. Here we have a bright and vivacious pop song celebrating healthy and loving relationships - the kind that we all deserve. Hilary Roberts is calling for a reform in the way we look at our relationships this year, encouraging honesty, love and respect from the men we choose to let into our lives.

The song is empowering, motivating, with a healthy dose of fun - and did I mention? Incredibly catchy. With an exuberant melody and horns in the instrumentation, this is the sort of song we need to remind us that love can be fun and light-hearted this Valentine’s Day.

The video, coming soon, is an absolute riot which really shows off Roberts’ sense of humour - she organises a competition to find the Best Man, through tasks such as tying kids’ shoelaces, dance solos, a talent round and more, only to award all of them the prize. You are defied not to crack a smile whilst watching Roberts and all her friends dance and make fools of themselves and each other while the infectious beats of this song play on. Towards the end of the video, Roberts celebrates love in every capacity, with couples of all shapes, sizes, colours and sexualities paid tribute to this Valentine’s Day.

Hilary Roberts is no stranger to success. 2019 saw her release multiple hit singles, including the feel-good ‘Back to Life’, the emotionally poignant ‘Fight to the Other Side’ and the infectiously catchy ‘Christmas with You’. She began singing and performing aged 10, when she was inspired by a theatre visit to see Annie, and began competing in talent shows around her area.

Her work is often influenced by her philanthropic efforts and the value she places on others’ wellbeing. ‘Fight to the Other Side’ is one such song, with its lyrics meant to encourage her friend out of taking her own life in the wake of a terminal diagnosis. Whilst ‘Good Man’ is significantly more light-hearted, the core message remains the same - we all deserve the best, your wellbeing is important, and get rid of anyone who tells you otherwise.

‘Good Man’ is released through Roberts’ own label, Red Songbird, on the 7th February 2020.