Vibe God. Remember the name.
Born and raised in Texas with his eyes on the prize. Music, to this day is everything to him and has helped him persevere through adversity. Vibe stays true to his roots; demonstrating humility and the juice cooler than LL (cool J) back in the day. Every lyric spit has been lived through first hand.

Vibe God, was making music since his early childhood in 2008. His true love of sports and music drove him to succeed and be the best he could in all aspects of his life. He was offered a scholarship to play college football, and as the saying famously goes “injury creates opportunity” had proven truthful in his case. He graduated- from a different school andd opportunity- knocked on a different door. The door that would lead to 8 mixtapes and 4 albums prior to his Spotify debut; prior to meeting a true friend, mentor, and partner- Jonas from QUFO who, with his partner Martin, has helped Vibe launch his career as a musician. QUFO, is a Swedish creative media company that handles Vibes production. QUFO’s label component has been dubbed “Internet Candy”, the same name of Vibes new album.

The long-awaited debut of “Internet Candy”, Vibe first commercial album, was released in late 2019, and is gaining traction like wild fire all over the web. When asked what his favorite song on the album is, Vibe says Six flags and Other Side, and that he can’t pick one. They are a “Ying and a Yang”. He mentions how Other Side reflects on his current situation versus one in the past where he lived a completely different, wilder lifestyle, full of hardship, and now seeing things from a different perspective. Vibes mentioned that he loves music for many reasons in particular “They can’t control it”, and “they can’t take it away from me”.

Vibe is a father and heavily influenced by his life experiences more than other musicians- except for one. Wiz Khalifa. Vibe mentioned it’s not as much his music- but his values and his style that he portrays. Wiz is also a father and is down for his team. Perhaps cliché, but Vibe is all about good vibes and positive energy.

Vibe is in the midst of a major breakthrough. He says “Everything happened off this song stampede…” We named it that because “anyone who gets in the way they get ran over …that was my mindset”. Vibe discussed the concept of being a real-life superman, in the sense that he walks around very humbly, but knows he has gifts that he wants to use to help other people through his music. Vibes has become a ‘super’ man with greater values, an amazing father, and one hell of a musician.

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