Throughout the history of hip-hop, entertaining rappers have often come in pairs. Many of the most successful rap acts have been partnerships – unions between vocalists who complement each other effortlessly, and who enhance the talents of their partner. PM is a project like that, and once you hear "Touch It" and "Get It," we think you'll agree that the bond between Phi and Meisha is a powerful one indeed. If these two rappers are uncommonly frank, raw, and uncompromising, there's a good reason for their confidence and their swagger. They know they've got each other's backs.

So it's always been for Phi and Meisha, beginning with their childhood days together in Columbus, Ohio. They were buddies as kids – and now that they're grown up, they're still as tight as they've ever been. Even though Phi lives in Los Angeles and Meisha resides in New Jersey, their records demonstrate that physical distance can't get in the way of the artistic connection they share. When they get together to rhyme, they do it with a single-minded intensity and that near-telepathic vocal chemistry that only exists between old friends. They've brought their adult experiences to the booth, too, and PM's records glow with California heat and East Coast grit, as well as the no-nonsense Midwestern frankness that's theirs by birthright.

"Touch It," a fierce and fiery boast over an irresistible trap beat, is the current single, and it's as searing and sexually provocative as any of the big rap hits of the summer.