At a time when the UK seems to be divided and there is a big cloud of uncertainty in the air, sometimes, all we need is hope.

“I am Peace”, a song based on a poem written by a 12 year-old, with the vocal delivery of Tally Koren, will break your heart and send shivers down your spine, as it carries our children's hopes for what lies ahead.

Those beautiful words were written by Arwen Kitson the winner of the National School Poetry Competition 2018 category 7-11 from Ringwood Waldorf School in Dorset. The Single features the “Peace Angels” Girls Choir from the same school.

NSPC4PEACE competition is based on the personal desire of international singer songwriter Tally Koren to recognise the potential of a new generation to contribute to reconciliation through poetry, by motivating them to express what they feel and think about the meaning of Peace in a safe space.

“ I Am Peace” is the 4th single from Tally’s forthcoming album to be released 20th March 2020 : “If I Could Write a Love Poem” based on poems. The Radio 2 playlisted song ‘Beauty Of The Duty’ which also started life as a four - pages poem, will be re-released with a new production. Koren “ Some people are saying that what I do with poems is similar to the ‘cut- up technique’ as was favoured by the likes of David Bowie and Kurt Cobain. I feel that as English is not my first language I get so inspired to read poems and find profound lines and turn them into songs!”

2019 ‘Vision of Hope’ UK Tour

“We all speak the same language through music” is the driving message of her first UK tour ‘Vision of Hope’ her initiative to transcend cultures, faiths and backgrounds through music.

Tally just completed the first part of the tour that included events in – Cambridge, Coventry, Milton Keynes and Manchester.

" Vision of Hope" events are :
Nov 9 Sat – The Benn Hall, Rugby
Nov 17 Sun - Civic Centre, Enfield
Nov 30 Sat – " I Am Peace" Official Launch at Actors Church
St Paul’s Covent Garden, London
Dec 15 Sun - Brighton & Hove Progressive Synagogue, Sussex