The group - made up of frontman Rory Williams, bassist Pete Harper, drummer Jed Laidlaw and newcomer guitarist Henry Eastham - released their second record 'Blood Rush Deja Vu' on November 1, which came three years after they dropped debut LP 'Very Rarely Say Die'.

Opening up on the break, Rory exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "We'd even heard industry jokes where you finish touring and they go, 'Where's the next record?' That's actually what happened, and we said, 'We haven't got it. S**t!'
"So we went away. [Rob Windram] stepped away from the band and he'd been there from the beginning. I remember feeling pretty lost at the time, like, what's going to happen?

"Little things like we didn't have a rehearsal room anymore, so I set up a studio in my room. We started recording stuff as we wrote it - if we liked it, it went down.

"And you know what? The record wouldn't be the way it is now if we'd had it ready when they asked at the end of the last tour."

The singer and keys player explained how it was important for the group - now with new guitarist Henry - to live their lives and have actual experiences to write about away from the road.

He said: "You've gotta spend time with your family and friends. You've gotta have relationships and go through breakups.

"You've gotta go through all the things you go through, but when you're constantly touring... touring's definitely been one of the reasons a relationship doesn't work. But it's nice to spend those times with girlfriends, family, friends."

Meanwhile, the boys are ready to head out on a UK tour this month - with European dates to follow in early 2020 - and their live show will continue to be an escape from whatever their fans are going through.

Rory added: "It's a moment where you can let go. All that s**t that might be happening at home, at work, and now the whole political world as well - you can shrug off and breath. "You go to festivals and there's so much love, excitement. It's a shame the world can't be like Glastonbury."