is proud to host the exclusive world premiere of 'Liquor Witch' by Ayla Ray.

“Liquor Witch” is a lullaby for the unfortunate, a lament for the victims suffering an empress of addiction or wiley temptress of vice. The song was born from the search for mental peace and found at times to be a bandage for the injury of circumstance.

Ayla Ray is a group formed of Alaskan hometown friends by singer/songwriter Sam Tenhoff and bassist/producer Raven Liss. The duo have been playing together since meeting in elementary school, developing a sound over the years that leans the group heavily into rock with undertones of electronic, soul and R&B.

With a collaboration of artful stage props, lighting, and a high energy live performance, Ayla Ray brings a full experience to the dance floor and strives to bend genre in and out of the studio.

The group is based in Portland, Oregon and will be releasing their debut album in November 2019. "Liquor Witch is a head-swaying lament that conjures up and releases repressed emotions from deep within the modern psyche with an uplifting chorus that brings light in the darkness. Bewiching storytelling. "