Indie rock band Irvine, based out of South Africa, has released their infectious new EP Guiding Pulses, out now on German Record Label FBP Music.

The band has a distinctive sound filling the space between indie and rock, emo and pop, chaotic elation and quiet contemplation. Having performed across South Africa and the UK, the band has emerged from a hiatus to produce what they think of as their most musically mature work – a collection of heartfelt and emotive songs that tell the story of the meandering musical and personal journey they’ve travelled since releasing their debut album in 2013.

The band is comprised of brothers Bob and Chris Thorpe, who grew up in East London, a beach town on South Africa’s east coast. It’s their enduring songwriting partnership that has kept their music interesting and appealing, bringing their unique lyrical touch and abstract production style to a powerful rock sound that draws on influences such as Jimmy Eat World, Cold War Kids, Bon Iver, and Broken Social Scene to produce songs that are as memorable as they are intricate.

The new EP showcases Irvine at their finest. This is a band on the rise that will be making heavy noise in 2020 and beyond.