The former Fifth Harmony member is currently working on her debut solo album, and after teaming up with Kris Kross Amsterdam and Messiah on the Latin track 'Vámonos', she is keen to record more tracks in the language to pay homage to her Mexican roots.

In a clip from FUSE's upcoming 'Made From Scratch' series , she teased: "I'm constantly working on my craft and working on other things too ... an eventual tour, and I'm working on an album right now ... different collaborations.
"I'm so excited - you know some of the collabs that I have!"

Ally's aunt Diana then asks her: "Are you going to do Tejano?!"

To which she replied: "I would love to eventually, auntie!

"I would love to do even more songs in Spanish."

Ally - who is currently competing on 'Dancing with the Stars' - previously spoke about how "proud" she is of her family's culture.

She said: "Being Latina means being strong and courageous and I think the number one thing is [to be] passionate.
"We love with such passion and we are so dedicated to our families, to our friends, to our loved ones.

"We care so much about people.

"We want people to come into our homes and feel like its their home, all are welcomed.

"That's such a beautiful thing about our culture is that we represent that, we rep family, and that is something that's so magnificent and I'm so proud.

"We have such beautiful culture with out music, with our dancing, with our food. I am so thankful that I am Latina," she continued. "I am so thankful that I'm Hispanic and everything that it represents, everything that my family represents... that true embodiment of love, and following your heart. That's what it's about."