Union Chapel, has announced new ambitions for driving social change and supporting local communities through arts, heritage and culture in its first showcase yesterday, October 2nd.

At the event Union Chapel announced two new projects to help develop these ambitions:

Sunday School Hall
• opening in 2021, this room will provide a valuable, accessible and versatile space for social change, performing arts, heritage and community activities. With a capacity of 200 it will also be a beautiful events space in it’s own right.

Cultural ambassadors
• Union Chapel’s first Ambassadors programme was announced: These inspirational supporters, with close ties to Union Chapel will help raise awareness of new projects.

The ambassadors are:
• Bridget Christie
• Luke Sital-Singh,
• Pete Lawrence,
• Low

In his first speech, Michael Chandler, Union Chapel Project’s newly appointed CEO, said: “ “In these uncertain times, it’s important that we consider what we can and should be doing – as individuals, as organisations, as music venues. So, we intend to build on our track record to date. We will become more ethical, more inclusive, more supportive of our local communities, and more proactive in the areas of social change and social justice in addressing the issues of today”