There is no denying that music has a huge influence on us as people and on society as a whole. No genre of music can attest to this more than rock music. From its simple guitar beginnings to the various branches and avenues rock music has taken, it has arguably had one of the most significant impacts that any style of music has had. But what can we see that has taken its influence from rock music?

Looking back at the games archive, there have been a steady supply of games inspired by rock music and musicians. Notwithstanding Rockstar and Guitar Hero, which encourage players to become rock stars, games such as Rock ‘n’ Roll Racing, Journey’s self-titled arcade-style game, and the mini game-filled Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Modern games even take inspiration from rock music. Rock themed tunes form the basis of the inspiration for slot games that take inspiration from the likes of Kiss and Guns ‘N’ Roses. The essence of rock music can translate well into games, especially with added soundtracks. The rebellious, exciting nature of rock reflects a lot of the fast-paced gameplay popular among gamers.

Another creative medium has also long given credit to rock music for its creation. Many artists have cited certain songs, singers, or even movements as being seminal in the creation of their artwork. Some are more obvious – such as portraits of The Beatles crossing Abbey Road or copies of the famous Nirvana cover, while others include artists who cite listening to music as part of their creative process. For instance, Barcelonan artist Marcos Cabrera listens to punk rock to get to the heart of his artwork, while Joana Santamans specifically cites The Clash and The Pixies as inspiring her work. Some mediums require the brash nature of rock music to help as a metronome for creating the artwork, while others need greater concentration, and some artists have claimed they specifically don’t listen to rock.

Other Music
The main aspect of our lives that rock music inspired was other genres of music and other musicians. Lady Gaga, for instance, is heavily inspired by glam rock such as the music and showmanship of Freddie Mercury and David Bowie. Countless musicians have said the rock stylings of The Beatles were an inspiration, such as Dave Grohl, The Beach Boys, Billy Joel and The Bee Gees. Modern rock variations include math rock, which takes a dissonant and abstract take on rock, to indie rock, new wave, and sadcore. Just as rock musicians took influence from the rock ‘n’ roll music of the 1950s – and the King himself, Elvis – so have musicians of the 2000s taken influence from rock legends from their youth.

Whether rock music gives its soundtrack and plucky spirit to video games, or artists use it as their muse when creating astonishing pieces, or even other genres and musicians take influence in order to branch out and create another style of music, there is no denying the power and influence rock music has.