Every week, Music News and Liberty Music look at the best new releases from emerging and self-releasing artists.

Country Line Runner - Wide Eyes

From the outset Wide Eyes fills you with a nostalgic and free feeling, and as the song unfolds it feels as if it doesn’t belong to this era, in the best kind of way. Following up their well received debut Hard To Find, Country Line Runner maintain their masterful sound, shirking any modern trend and aiming to make music that will stand the test of time, and no doubt it will.

The Desert - GONE

Bristol-based trip-hop four piece The Desert are gearing up for an emphatic EP release, with GONE being a statement of things to come. With a sound likened to a crossover of Massive Attack and Portishead, they balance organic and synthetic elements in perfect harmony for a crisp and chilling release that would completely immerse any listener. Consider your appetite whet for things to come upon listening.

10Digits - Money ft. Holly Winter

Enigmatic and anonymous producer 10Digits steps into the fore once again with Money which rides the new school dance wave with aplomb, applying rich textures, soulful vocals, catchy melodies and a driving alt-house beat. His balance of a chilled aesthetic and upbeat syncopated rhythms make this the perfect soundtrack to almost any occasion, and 10Digits is rapidly turning heads and catching ears across the world with both his unique masked appearance and distinctive brand of energy filled electronic music.

CUB - Obsessed Ft. Clara Hurtado

Emerging artist and producer CUB shares Obsessed, a emphatic mixture cutting edge electronics and grooving guitars spun over a powerful songwriting foundation that is reminiscent of the likes of SBTRKT. The alt-pop cut is a slow burner will stay rattling around your head until you hear it again, and while CUB is still realising his artistic potential he’s already making some of the best new music out right now.

Nuela Charles - Danger

Nuela Charles walks the line between nostalgia and contemporary like no other, and the result is a stunningly catchy cocktail which appeals across the board. The best way of describing this track is simply ‘modern pop excellence’, and it’s clear that Nuela Charles is having a lot of fun executing her vision.

Jroll - How It Goes ft Rico Act

In the ever evolving electronic music world, one of the most exciting parts are when genres meet in the middle and create an exciting new hybrid. As the hype of Dubstep petered off over the past few years, there was a void for heavy, bassy music to take control as the sound of the now for EDM Culture. Trap music stepped in, and now more interesting is beginning to pull flavours from Dubstep back into the fore. Australian producer and DJ Jroll executes this new sound with finesse, mixing heavy brass stabs, nasty bass, and energetic vocals via Rico Act for this standout heavy hitter How It Goes.