Every week, Music News and Liberty Music look at the best new releases from emerging and self-releasing artists.

This week we have singles, videos and EP’s from some of the best upcoming artists in electro-pop, RnB and indie-rock.

PAVVLA – This Is Not A Movie

PAVVLA’s ‘This Is Not A Movie' is her last single and resembles as one of PAVVLA's favourites. The story fits perfectly for the song: showing a story of two girls meeting and falling in love for a night in Barcelona. The video displays how the lovers enjoy the quite city lights and its atmosphere and when the sun rises... it's time for goodbye. Maybe they won't meet again... because that's not a movie, and there's no happy ending. 'This Is Not a Movie' resembles as one of the strongest pieces of the album.

Pace – The Sea

The Sea sees Pace continue their output of the beautifully crafted, blissful pop, mixing classic song-writing with uplifting sentiments of living for the moment; this time with perhaps their strongest track to date. Somewhat of a personal journey for front man Jamie, the song see’s him tackle a more personal theme than previous efforts, he explains..

Holy Bouncer – Mightly Mad

‘Mightly Mad’ sees the 5-piece move away from a classic 60’s sound to embrace a more contemporary approach in the studio, whilst retaining the charm of their song writing and psychedelic sensibilities. The single marks the start of a series of releases, which will culminate in their second EP early next year.

Amanda Mair – Empty Blockings

‘Empty Blockings’ by Amanda Mair is an apprehensive approach to love. The rolling beat echoes a pumping heart, afraid to open up to a damaged lover’s “demons getting louder.” There’s a promise of protection and security, but will it be strong enough to stabilize the relationship? Tune in below.

Marie Dahlstrom – Nine EP

The stunning new EP from Marie - ‘Nine’ effortlessly places Marie’s personality to the forefront and the level of involvement, self-producing and composing a majority of the project bejewelled with a rare authenticity and personality. ‘Nine’ is a piece of mind bonds themes in numerology, life experiences and acceptance.