Every week, Music News and Liberty Music look at the best new releases from emerging and self-releasing artists.

This week we have singles and videos from some of the best upcoming artists in indie-rock and electro-pop.

Hannah V – We March On

Forward-thinking in the song’s direction and sound, the track aesthetically thrives on Hannah’s appreciation for her R&B pop influences by leading a hip-hop beat with smoothened basslines and delicate piano articulation. Complimented by Natalie Williams' adventurous filtered vocal and motivating lyricism, ‘We March On’ is as equally anthemic, as it is infectious with Hannah V’s eclectic songwriting. While on the vocal responsibilities, Natalie Williams came into the limelight from her lead vocal on Nu:Tone's Drum & Bass hit 'In My System'.

Queen Alaska – Run To You

Delicately tarnished as a fragile sound, yet powerful, while equally dreamy yet danceable. With 808 tom fills, these original sounds from the techno culture are suddenly felt like pizzicato strings in her works. ‘Run To You’ is the finest subject of this, a track sprinkled with her signature airy synth arpeggios and an effervescent vocal. 'Run To You' is taken from her new debut EP, 'Interlude Of The Inner Voice I/II'.

Low Chimes – Sulphur Silk

Low Chimes’ latest single ‘Sulphur Silk’ channels Marianne’s poignant lyrical themes though a progressive arrangement of darkened guitar lines, drum rolls and a synthetic backdrop of pad swells that later quickens in tempo and builds in energy. A chorus of rising vocal harmonies drives the song towards a climactic instrumental conclusion that brings the band's core live aesthetic to the fore. 

James Wyatt Crosby – Nobody Else

Canadian singer-songwriter brings glimmer and sun with new indie-pop single. ‘Nobody Else’. Featuring laid-back vocal and sleaze-yet-slick arrangement, James stuns with his latest single.

Sabella – Fortress

Glastonbury native Sabella’s new single ‘Fortress’ finds the delivering an accessible, sultry pop anthem, as glistening synths overlap with dance and R&B beats. Sabella has come forward with a force of incredible vocals that power the track forwards.