is proud to host the exclusive world premiere of 'Holy Water' by Natalie Paige Bentley.

After releasing the first two videos of her Amaurotic trilogy, “Ride Home,” and “Lost Girl,” Natalie Paige Bentley is ready to deliver the final chapter. The new video for “Holy Water” follows the trio of star-crossed lovers as they fight their worst impulses, jockeying to win each other’s hearts and souls. Literally. With such a complex tale being woven, it feels appropriate to let Natalie herself explain where they are, how they got here, and where they are going….

“There is something magically cathartic that happens to your soul when we are in the thicket of the unknown. One slight turn to the left or to the right, could bring us to salvation or damnation. The magic isn’t in praying we make the right choice, it is in the footsteps, whether it be to the right or to the left, because we can only have an awakening when life brings about an undeniable and unsolicited force of change. It may be tragic, or it may be miraculous in nature, both are forcibly enlightening. ‘Holy Water’ captures the cathartic awakening in these characters. Our male has stepped into his own reality, to a point of no return, enchanted and enraptured by his fantasies that not only figuratively breaks another heart, but literally and reluctantly rips her heart from her body to give life to his fantasy love, despite his fruitless efforts to end a love that was never unadulterated from the start. He is entranced by his own primal desires to be the essence of a ‘man,’ while acting out his masculinity and self-glorification that propels him deeper into his ego and blind to sentiments.

His grandiose showcasing of male bravado, erupts to an explosive act of bury his love, with the help of his fantasy girl, only to find that both woman lay in a grave together. To kill one was to kill another. The material world manifestation and fantasy world manifestation, of what the universe was conspiring to create around him, through his mind, body and spirit. They were always the same, all the good, all the bad, reality and fantasy that was playing out before his eyes, eyes that were blind to the world that he had created around himself, all because of his own self separation and disconnect. In the end, we ultimately have only our own demons to conquer, ourselves to love and our own souls to connect with before we can truly experience the beauty of life and unconditional love.”

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