Lorde has described her amusement at being ignored by a taxi driver who ranted about a "celebrity passenger" he had just dropped off.

The New Zealand-born singer is currently based in the U.S. as she works on her second album, the follow-up to her successful 2013 debut Pure Heroine. And while the break-out star is a Grammy Award winner and a bona fide member of Taylor Swift's girl squad, for better or worse not everyone seems to recognise the relatively low-key 19-year-old.

In an amusing incident, Lorde has shared that her Uber driver was so entranced by a previous "celebrity passenger" that he failed to realise he had struck gold twice, and had a music star sitting in his backseat. While Lorde, real name Ella Yelich-O'Connor, did not reveal who her predecessor was, she took to Twitter to post a series of comments which dripped with a sense of irony.

"Uber driver currently busting a nut about the fact that there was a 'celebrity passenger' just before me," she tweeted on Tuesday (26Jul16). "I can tell our ride, by comparison, sparkles significantly less for him."

She continued: "I can feel it from the back seat, his dazed glow. He's probably now pretending that I am not here, that they are still together, and alone."

But it seems that Lorde isn't the only one to have had an awkward cab experience, with fellow musician Ellie Goulding replying to the star via Twitter that she'd recently had an uncomfortable moment too.

"Mine said he had someone from Ellie Gouldings band in earlier. But didn't like her music soooo (sic)," she wrote.

Royals singer Lorde is working with musician Jack Antonoff on her new record, but has yet to announce a release date. However, she recently admitted she'd made a breakthrough in recording after venturing into the forest and spending three days on her own to work on her songwriting.