Rita Ora has been asked by other artists how to successfully split from a record label in the wake of leaving Roc Nation.

The British singer found worldwide fame as part of Jay Z’s music label, but things turned sour when the company sued Rita for breaking her recording contract and failing to deliver the albums she was meant to. She shot back with claims of neglect, and reached an out of court settlement in June (16).

Since the case has come to light, Rita has found she is being sought out for advice on similar matters.

“It’s shocking how many artists go through it. A lot of artists, not naming any names, called me saying, ‘How do I get out of this?’” she told Britain’s Metro newspaper.

The Poison singer has now signed a fresh deal with Atlantic Records, and admits she can’t wait to start writing and recording music again.

Under Roc Nation she only ever brought out one album, her debut record Ora in 2012, and the 25-year-old confesses she even considered giving up music during her legal dispute.

“You’re thinking, ‘Is it worth it?’ It becomes so heavy at times,” she sighed, before adding: “F**k, of course it’s worth it, this is all I’ve ever wanted to do.”

When asked about her former mentor Jay, the blonde star says she has nothing but respect for the man who made her a star.

Singing is no longer her only love though, and Rita is looking to win more film roles after landing the pat of Christian Grey’s sister Mia in the Fifty Shades of Grey film series. She has already had a few acting mishaps though.

“I walked into the wrong audition room once,” she recalled. “I started doing this different script and everyone just stared at each other.”