Roger Friedman, Showbiz 411 owner, has today pronounced that Led Zeppelin refused $14 million in order to perform at this October’s Desert Trip Festival in Indio.

This once-in- a-lifetime concert will take place on October 7, 8 and 9 when The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan and His Band play, followed on Saturday night, October 8 by Paul McCartney and Neil Young + Promise of the Real, with the weekend coming to a close on Sunday night, October 9 with Roger Waters and The Who.

We understand that Jimmy Page was in accordance but Robert Plant vetoed the move driving Page mad with the source claiming “Jimmy went crazy. He really wanted to do it.”

Roger ialso confirmed that each of the acts are making at least $7 million each weekend with the Stones and McCartney supposedly surpassing even that figure.

Its a delicate time for Led Zeppelin with current members in court being sued for allegedly stealing the opening guitar segment of 'Stairway to Heave' from a little known album track by rock band Spirit. The estate of Randy California, Zeppelin claims that Led Zeppelin came into contact with the song when they were opening for Spirit in the late 60’s.

Page was in the dock this week, saying that he did not recall ever hearing the original song. John Paul Jones testified on Friday.