Sex Pistols frontman Johnny Rotten is getting too old for unabashedly brazen hobbies.

The legendary rocker turned 60 years old in January (16) and now that he's entered his Golden Years, playing bingo appeals more to him than causing Anarchy in the U.K.

“I do like a round of bingo," he tells British newspaper The Mirror. "I like it when they shout ‘Bingo!’. I’d rather have a round of bingo than anything else.”

In addition to taking on more hobbies that appeal to seniors, Johnny, real name John Lyndon, is also adapting to how his body is transforming with age.

His beaming smile turned green in recent years, and as an alternative to getting dentures, he had some unusual dental reconstruction work done instead.

“My teeth are all titanium now," he noted. "If you want to punch me in the face, you’re going to lose your knuckles. I’m Johnny Fully Armour.”

Johnny admits as he grows older his musical tastes are also becoming far more mellow. Despite being famous for having released hard-hitting hits such as God Save the Queen and Holidays in the Sun with his band Sex Pistols in the 1970s, he is now more into rocking out to a surprising form of music that seems to be the antithesis to punk rock - disco.

“I love the Bee Gees (group) and b**locks to those that don’t,” he declared.

Although Johnny has chilled out quite a bit overall, his punk rock antics still seem to emerge every now and again, but his wife of 30 years Nora Forster has developed a smashing way of keeping him in line when he gets out of hand.

“I fell through the front door drunk and passed out," he recalled. "I did not close the door and she woke me and hit me with a frying pan.”