ZZ Top was all set for their show last night at the Lone Star Events Center Amphitheater in Lubbock, TX but, as he was exiting the tour bus, bassist Dusty Hill fell and dislocated his shoulder.

Hill was taken to a local hospital for treatment but the damage was done. The manager of the Lone Star venue was forced to take the stage to tell the crowd that the show had been cancelled and rescheduled for May 29.

Now the injury is starting to take out further ZZ Top dates. They have already postponed their show tonight at The Firelake Arena in Shawnee, OK and cancelled their Saturday appearance at Chilifest in Snook, TX.

For those looking forward to the Chilifest show, the promoters are looking for a replacement:

Chilifest Inc. wishes Dusty Hill a speedy recovery and completely understands their reason for canceling the 25th Anniversary of Chilifest 2016. The show must go on and we always have a Plan B to back up situations like this. Although Plan B has never been implemented, an event of this caliber always needs a back up plan. So gracing the stage on Saturday in ZZ Top's place will be announced later this afternoon and it will end the outstanding entertainment line-up of 10 previous performers that took place Friday and into this Saturday.

The band's next appearance is Friday, April 22 at the Beau Rivage Theatre in Biloxi, MS. Hopefully Dusty's shoulder will be mended by that time.