Mark Hole is a singer-songwriter from London and he's so prolific his head is about to explode. So to avoid death he's starting from the beginning to tell "The Hole Story".

The aim is to release track by track with a supporting music video till the day he die's. He's already written over 100 songs and has recorded 27 so far. We are currently on the 4th release "My Friend" which is available for free download on soundcloud and the video is being edited as we speak. So stay tuned and check out

The Hole Story - 1 - Will You Love Again on Youtube
The Hole Story - 2 - Don't Be Silly on Youtube
The Hole Story - 3 - Dirty Base on Youtube
The Hole Story - 4 - My Friend on Soundcloud
The Hole Story - 4.1 - My Friend (don't drink and live) on Youtube

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