Rapper Azealia Banks was reportedly arrested for third-degree misdemeanour assault on Wednesday (16Dec15) after biting into the breast of a female security guard outside a New York City club.

Sources tell Page Six the 24-year-old was taken into custody by police in front of the Up&Down venue in the Meatpacking district. The alleged eyewitness claims Azealia snapped, punched the guard and then started "biting her in the boob" after she was thrown out of the club around 12.30am.

Apparently the violence was initiated because the two bouncers, one male and one female, didn't recognise Azealia when she went to the front of the invite-only party's line. The insider claims Azealia started "screaming at the top of her lungs, cursing" and spewing out racial slurs in response to their lack of recognition - but despite the verbal abuse security guards still allowed her to enter the bash.

However, according to the insider, the situation went downhill once she started to "curse at the guards again" before spitting into the bouncer's face and biting "the (female guard) in the breast, almost breaking her shirt" as they escorted her outside the premises.

At this point it's claimed police were out of the picture entirely until Azealia brought them into the equation herself by yelling, “I’m gonna call the cops!”, while walking to a parked New York City Police Department Traffic Enforcement car. Moments later she allegedly punched the female bouncer in front of authorities. The eyewitness states she was bemused while being dragged away by cops after assaulting the guard, asking “Why are you arresting me?” - she was then taken to the Sixth Precinct police station and held there for evaluation until the evening.

This is the second time this year (15) Azealia has been accused of assaulting club bouncers - in October website TMZ reported Los Angeles Police Department officials launched an investigation into allegations she and a group of her friends "jumped" a security guard outside trendy karaoke bar Break Room 86 in the city's Koreatown neighbourhood.