Idris Elba was overwhelmed when he met Madonna, calling the singer a "beautiful person".

The 43-year-old actor and DJ was invited to support Madonna for the recent London and Berlin shows during her Rebel Heart tour.

While Madonna is one of the most famous singers in the world, Idris insists she is still grounded and treated him incredibly well.

"Madonna is a legend. I met a beautiful person who has been working forever and is still going," Idris told the Nottingham Post newspaper. "We did an incredible show."

Idris' music career is still in its fledgling stages, with the star making his DJ debut at the Glastonbury music festival earlier this year (15). So when it came to taking to the stage before the legendary Madonna, Idris was more than a little daunted.

"I'm standing by the curtain before I went on, and made the mistake of peeking to see whos there and saw 17,000 people looking back," Idris continued. "I just entertained and played music. It's such a buzz to perform."

Idris first made a name for himself through his role as Stringer Bell on US television series The Wire, earning himself millions of fans in the process. He then went on to star in the title role of BBC drama Luther, with the actor now gearing up to appear in a big screen adaptation of the show.

He also has hopes for a Luther stage show, although admits the prospect might take a while to make reality.

"Secretly, I've been imagining Luther on stage. It's crazy but why not? It could be a very small detailed version of it on stage," he said.

"I'm not sure what the end game is. I want to make his (Luther's) world bigger and give a slightly larger scale to the whole thing. There are definitely different ways to dissect it. I think it's a big challenge to make a film, economically."