Duran Duran will be honoured with the first ever MTV Video Visionary Award at the MTV EMAs on Sunday (25.10.15).

The 'Rio hitmakers will receive the honour for their unique sound and strong visual sense, and for influencing a generation of musicians with some of the greatest pioneering music videos of all time.

In a statement, the band - fronted by Simon Le Bon - said: "It is no coincidence that our rise was paralleled by the growth and ultimate world domination of MTV. The birth of music videos as a way to simultaneously bring our music to a global audience revolutionised the business."

As well as thanking MTV, the band also took the opportunity to extend their gratitude to the various directors they've worked with over the years.

They said: "We took this new short form of film making and tried to make it our own. We have had some incredible experiences over the years making our videos.

"We have worked with some of the most talented directors in the world - without whom we would not be honored here today. We are really proud to be the recipients of this new award. Thank you MTV."

The 2015 MTV EMA premieres live on MTV, Sunday October 25 at 9pm.