Rapper Pitbull got through some hard times thanks to Mariah Carey's song Hero.

The 34-year-old musician has enjoyed success with hits such as Como Yo Le Doy and Timber, featuring Kesha.

Drawing upon his personal playlist, Pitbull shared one track which played a big part in making him into the star he is today.

"(Mariah Carey's Hero) - this song helped me get through a lot of struggles," he told USA Today. "To this day, it still motivates me to find that there's a hero inside me every day."

Pitbull is in the midst of his seven-date tour, Time of Our Lives, in Las Vegas, where Mariah is set to resume her residency in February 2016. The shows are named after his hit track with Ne-Yo, which reached the top 10 in charts around the globe.

Another legendary music star made Pitbull's list: Michael Jackson's The Way You Make Me Feel is one of his favourite jams.

While he's best known for his rap and dance tracks, Pitbull isn't averse to listening to some heavier material when the time calls for it.

"Love this record," he said of Whitesnake's Here I Go Again. "I relate to the song because I'm a loner - and how could anyone ignore Tawny Kitaen in the video?"

When it comes to his own sound, Pitbull is inspired by his Cuban heritage. With a second Spanish album called Dale - pronounced dah-le - out now, he recently spoke about how much his background means to him.

"I’m the epitome of the American dream, the underdog, the fighter, the forever hungry, forever appreciative, that’s me," he told Billboard. "And no matter whether I speak Spanish, Portuguese, English, any language, we speak the most powerful language which is music. No matter what words we throw."