Lily Allen is reportedly attempting to capture sounds from the UK’s underground grime scene in her new music.

The 30-year-old songstress named her last album Sheezus in reference to fellow artist Kanye West’s LP Yeezus.

And it is rumoured she has chosen some new inspiration for her next record by adopting signature sounds unique to Britain’s urban grime genre.

“Lily gets bored easily and is ready to take her music in a new direction,” a source explained to UK newspaper The Mirror of the songstress, who is most known for creating pop singles like Smile and Air Balloon. “There is a lot more to Lily’s personal tastes. She loves the grime scene.”

It seems Lily is so serious about becoming a well-respected artist in this scene, she even attended the KA and GRM Daily Awards at Gracepoint in London this week, where major grime artists Kano, Little Simz, Ghetts, Giggs, WSTRN, Section Boyz and Bonkaz performed.

“Lily was trying to keep a low profile and stayed in the green room, talking to Giggs and Stormzy about a collaboration,” an insider revealed.

“She was telling people she wants her album to have a grime vibe and is really excited for everyone to hear it. She’s confident people are going to be surprised and that it will silence her critics.”

Lily’s album Sheezus did not perform very well, with her third single Our Time not even landing in the top 40 on charts.

It’s claimed she is determined to rescue her reputation as an innovative creative on the new LP.

“She’s immersed in making this record perfect,” the source said.

“Lily is focused on the new album and has recorded tons of tracks already. She has only recently been experimenting with grime so some of that earlier stuff could still end up making it on the record.”