Prince was blown away by his 25-year-old HitNRun co-producer Joshua Welton’s talent.

The 57-year-old musical legend is famous for working alone on his records. But for the first time in 40 years he decided to enlist somebody else’s help on the upcoming HitNRun and that person is Joshua Welton, the husband of Prince band 3rdEyeGirl’s drummer Hannah.

“I just met him as a person first. I didn’t know what he could do until we got in the studio,” Prince told USA Today. “This is the first time I’ve let someone make a record for me. Josh hears music like I do.”

While Joshua was somewhat daunted to be working with such a legendary singer, he quickly learned that Prince is not like many other musicians in the industry.

His lack of ego was something Joshua found particularly refreshing.

“He’s not a dude who says, ‘I have to play something’ on every song,” Joshua said.

Since teaming up with Prince, Joshua has been educated in various aspects of musical history.

And the young musician admits he has seen certain things in a new light since working with the Purple Rain star.

“My opinion of cool has definitely changed,” Joshua said. “When you’ve got somebody who can hear the flowers bloom, you listen to music in a different way. I gotta at least tell him what kind of flower it is!”

HitNRun will be released on Jay Z’s streaming service Tidal September 7 and fans can purchase a hard copy of the offering in CD form starting September 15.