Rita Ora is grateful for Chris Brown's support.

The 24-year-old singer is currently promoting her latest single Body On Me, featuring vocals from the American musician and a steamy video to accompany.

It's set to appear on Rita's upcoming, as-yet-untitled album. And with Chris busy working towards the release of his next record, named Royalty after his daughter, she's pleased he took the time to collaborate with her.

"I respect Chris' work and I thought the tone of voice fit perfectly with the record," she told Billboard. "There's a lot more to think about than how many songs Chris has out at the moment. I'm just a fan, and I'm very, very grateful that he wanted to support me."

Despite being such a big name in the industry, Rita only has 2012 debut album Ora to her name. This is why she's so excited for the release of her new music, and having recorded it in her hometown of London, UK, the star hopes personal messages come across clearly.

Of course Rita feels pressure to deliver after such a long wait for fans, but she isn't letting it take over.

"It's always there. It's just in my subconscious at all times - that's the world we live in unfortunately," she smiled. "So I try not to focus on that and just do the best at what I can do.

"I was 18 when I did my first album; I'm 24 now. I was a fan of music before, and I really enjoyed being in the studio and making music about partying, but I wasn't ready to offer my own interpretation or creative vision of music. I feel I have to contribute something now."