Demi Lovato will work out and then pray with her team before she performs at this weekend's MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs).

The singer is due to perform her new song Cool for the Summer at the upcoming ceremony, which is being held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on Sunday.

While many stars have extensive riders to ensure their shows go with a bang, Demi's requirements are modest.

"I always say a prayer with my team before I go on stage and before each show I try to get a work out in so I'm pumped up!" she told

The star wouldn't give much away about what she has in store for her performance. Cool for the Summer is all about being bold and rule breaking, plus Demi wanted to show people what she's really about with the edgy track. This will all be reflected when she's on stage.

"I'm so excited for this performance and think I'll explore the Cool for the Summer theme further, so maybe more strappy swimsuits and wet hair, but who knows? You'll have to tune-in to see!" she explained.

The singer has spoken a lot about her boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama of late, crediting him with helping her get back on track after she went to rehab in 2010. She was treated for substance issues, self-harming and bulimia but now feels happy with who she is.

Wilmer has always supported her, and she's looking forward to seeing what he makes of Sunday's show.

"He is incredibly busy working on his TV and his company. I hope he will be able to make it but I know if he can't he will be watching on TV," she explained.