Dave Grohl thinks he would have made a great astrophysicist.

The 46-year-old is most famous for his role as frontman of rock band the Foo Fighters.

But Dave has such an interest in science that he knows exactly what career path he would have taken if his music career hadn’t taken off.

“In another life, I hope that I was an astrophysicist,” Dave told Billboard magazine. “I spend most of my time online in the science section of Google news. It's what I do all day long. I'm a UFO fanatic..”

Dave is currently on tour with his band, despite having suffered from a broken leg back in June.

He refused to let the injury set him back too much, and has been relying on sitting on a giant throne to entertain fans at the band’s gigs.

But as his recovery process progresses quickly and smoothly, Dave is unsure how to phase out his huge chair.

"It's become the star of the show,” he said. “Do I stop using it when I can just stand there? Or do I stop using it when I can jump and run around like I used to or do I keep it for f***ing ever? It has a drink holder."

As well as their musical success, Foo Fighters have also broken into another medium with their eight-part HBO series Sonic Highways – a documentary which has earned four Emmy Award nominations.

Sonic HIghways is up for Outstanding Informational Series or Special, up against Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown, Inside The Actors Studio, StarTalk With Neil deGrasse Tyson and Vice.

And Dave admits he was stunned that his little series has caused such a stir amongst critics as well as fans.

“I can't even fathom being nominated in a category with such heavyweights,” he said. “When we made this show, we just assumed that hard core music nerds would love it. The reach of the series went way farther than I imagined it would go. I think I just put [so] much love into this show and the result was something better than I ever imagined.”