One of the hallmarks of a Taylor Swift concert is when she brings out her specials guests and one of those was the legendary Joan Baez.

While much of the time this summer she’s drawn from her stable of close friends but Saturday night in Santa Clara, CA, she entered the surreal with Joan Baez and Julia Roberts.

Baez is, of course, a legend of the folk scene and a political activist all of her career. One of the performances in the movie Woodstock was Baez standing alone in front of hundreds of thousands and stoically singing Joe Hill about the union organizer. We would even venture a guess that, not once during her career, did Joan ever shimmy to one of her songs during a show.

That’s why it was so surreal when Swift introduced Baez with Academy Award winning actress Julia Roberts during her performance of Style with the two unlikely guests dancing down the runway to Taylor.

Here’s audience shot footage with Baez and Roberts emerging at about the 1:50 mark.