Sky Ferreira is having more fun with her music these days.

The 23-year-old star is currently working on the follow-up record to 2013 debut Night Time, My Time. Although she wants to impress with new material, Sky feels more relaxed about the process.

"I think what's different about it, well, I'm having a lot more fun. There's pressure obviously, a lot, but I'm not taking it how I did the first time. You know how people have that pressure for their second album? I had that for my first album. It's still intense, but there isn't this big build up in my head. Also after all the setbacks last time, I'm having more fun writing," she explained to i-D magazine.

The setbacks that Sky is referring to include her budget decreasing dramatically ahead of the release of Night Time, My Time, which was initially slated for January 2011.

Her new album is called Masochism, a title Sky had in mind from the beginning. But she insists that doesn't mean the tracks will be sexual and that people shouldn't assume the nature of them.

As well as her music, Sky is famous for her friendship with Miley Cyrus. She went on tour with the provocative singer last year and the pair got along like a house on fire.

Sky hopes the future of music stars will be as open as they are when it comes to sharing their opinions without fear.

"Yeah, because you're able to have a voice on the Internet. You don't have to go through your label all the time," she advised. "Your label still has a lot of control and political bulls**t frankly but that's how I've made anything happen that I want, by publicly saying it. If I had to depend on other people it would never get done. But money still talks."