Selena Gomez won't let anyone turn her against Justin Bieber.

The singer-and-actress started dating pop's bad boy in 2010 and they had a turbulent relationship before calling it quits for good in 2013.

While it's rumoured Selena was devastated when they split, the 23-year-old would never say a bad word against Justin, 21.

"We spur each other on," she insisted to German magazine TV Movie.

"People try to turn us against each other, but that will never work. We'll always support one another."

Since her breakup from Justin, Selena has been linked to DJ Zedd, 25. Fellow DJ Diplo started the rumour the relationship had been a publicity stunt, which Selena has refuted, explaining she definitely had a "thing" with Zedd.

More recently there was gossip she was dating Gigi Hadid's ex Cody Simpson, 18, but he said they were merely close friends until it got "weird", leaving fans with plenty of questions.

Whatever the story - Selena admits it will be a while until people will see her settling down.

"I can promise you, marriage won't be happening in the near future!" she laughed.

"I get pretty nervous and start asking myself if the person only likes me because I'm famous."

Instead, Selena will keep working hard at her career, with films The Big Short and In Dubious Battle coming up next year. The key to her success is her persistence.

"I've never accepted a rejection or a 'no' as the final answer," she asserted. "In my profession, you get walked all over if you're not stubborn to a certain degree. Luckily, my life was never perfect, so I developed a thick skin at a young age."