Amber Rose has slammed those judging her Sl*t Walk.

The 31-year-old star is hosting a charity event called Amber Rose Sl*t Walk on October 3 to raise awareness of women's equality issues, including sexual injustice and victim blaming.

But it seems some people are more focused on the name of the occasion and linking it to former stripper Amber. She called out one particular hater on Instagram.

"do ur research and if u still don't want to be apart of the cause then don't come. Ur sl*t shaming me in ur comment that's the whole point. Insinuating that I just "F**k" rappers when I've been in Love with 2 of them and 1 I married and have a beautiful baby with (sic)," she fumed, blurring out the user's name.

She also recalled how hard she has worked to get to where she is today, and her time spent being homeless means she gives back whenever she can. However she took another dig at the user by noting: "but hey enough about me I'm just a sl*t right? Who cares. P.s. u shouldn't be so judgemental take care (sic)."

It appears it was a woman who made the remark, as Amber commented how surprised she was that an event empowering women has caused females to lash out.

The star has two-year-old son Sebastian with estranged husband Wiz Khalifa, who she split from last September. Prior to this she was involved with musician Kanye West, after the rapper spotted her in the music video for Ludacris' single What Them Girls Like.

But Amber seems to be happy to have a break from men at the moment, as she recently told Cosmopolitan magazine that she's too busy for a relationship.