50 Cent admits when you do something without thinking, sometimes you're made to pay.

The rapper is currently embroiled in a legal battle with Lastonia Levinson; the ex of rapper Rick Ross, who 50 posted a sex tape of online without her permission.

50, real name Curtis Jackson, wasn't talking about his legal worries though. The comment is in reference to his new boxing film Southpaw, and the similarities between bragging, goading boxers and rappers.

"The parallels are so clear. The things your opposition is saying won’t affect you on the night of the fight unless it makes you angry. If it changes your emotions you start to do things without thinking and they can make you pay for it. It’s the same thing in hip-hop culture," 50 mused to British magazine ShortList.

In the wake of 50 being ordered to pay $5 million to Lastonia, the 40-year-old filed for bankruptcy. Appearing in court earlier this week, 50 admitted that all his bling and flashy cars were in fact borrowed for show.

Likewise he admits to ShortList that he's not anything like the persona he's created for himself.

"No, I don’t feel pressure like that [to live up to that image]. In the environment I grew up in it was easier for people to stay out of your way when they knew that you were willing [to fight] in certain situations. So the same mentality kind of bled into the music. It created the largest debut hip-hop album, Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. It’s an energy that says all or nothing," he said.