Blake Shelton has broken his post-divorce revelation silence.

The 39-year-old musician and his former wife Miranda Lambert announced the end of their marriage on Monday.

And on Tuesday Blake took to his Twitter account to crack some jokes about his experience on an exercise machine.

“Just got off the treadmill. This calls for a drink. B***h…,” he tweeted.

A fan quickly responded writing: “@blakeshelton I cannot imagine you on a treadmill haha (sic)”.

Blake replied to the comment in a lighthearted fashion, noting he resembles a mythological beast when he attempts to work out.

“It looked like one of those messin' with Sasquatch commercials…,” he wrote in response to the fan.

Blake and Miranda’s divorce was finalised on Monday just hours after they released their public statement on the breakup.

It’s claimed Blake has been boozing through the pain of his divorce, with the country singer even calling attention to his alcohol consumption via Twitter on July 17, three days ahead of the split announcement.

“Good news! I can see clearly!! AND Cheyenne I'm headed for you!!! Actually my vision may be a little blurred by the end of the night. B***h,” he tweeted last week.

It is unknown if he is aiming the word ‘B***h’ at anyone in particular, or if it is just some expletive he’s drawn to using at this time.

According to Us Weekly the former couple’s divorce papers were filed by Blake’s legal representative in an Oklahoma court on July 6. Apparently the plaintiff and defendant were addressed as “B.T.S. vs. M.L.S.” respectively in the documents, letters which represent Blake and Miranda’s initials. The case was filed under the name of Virginia Henson, Blake’s attorney.

Judge John G. Canavan of Shawnee, Oklahoma signed off on the divorce on Monday just hours after the former couple’s announcement took place. Judge Canavan put his signature on the documents after both parties agreed to a prenuptial agreement. Specific details of the divorce are sealed and the magistrate must be asked for permission to get access to that information.