Former AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd was forced to evict a paparazzo intruder from the front of his home when he returned from court on Monday.

Less than two weeks after being sentenced to eight months of home confinement for threatening to kill and drug possession, Rudd was re-arrested on Sunday for breaching the conditions of his confinement.

On Monday, Rudd appeared in court to be formally charged. According to the charges, he was found to possess and consume alcohol at his residence which was not allowed in his agreement. At his original sentencing, a judge told him to stay in line as he would not hesitate to put Rudd in jail if he didn’t follow the agreement. Whether that will happen or not may be determined in two weeks when Phil returns to court.

After the appearance, Rudd went to his home where he encountered a photographer. Video (below) was shot of Rudd’s expletive filled rant against the reporter and, when he couldn’t get him to leave, against his companion who appeared to be a bodyguard.