Lily Allen's friends are reportedly worried her partying is out of control.

The Smile singer is believed to have collapsed at last month's Glastonbury Festival after taking things too far. After the mother-of-two was allegedly treated by paramedics, friends were reportedly left worried about her wild antics.

"When Lily became a mother she was determined to turn over a new leaf, but she admitted she found spending a lot of time at home boring," a source told British magazine Star. "She loves her kids but enjoys having a good time. However, her friends worry she could go too far."

Lily, who has admitted struggling with her fame in the early days, has been married to 37-year-old husband Sam Cooper for four years after meeting at the annual British festival in 2009. The couple have daughters Ethel Mary, three, and Marnie Rose, two, together and Lily has previously admitted that meeting her spouse is what helped her turn her life around.

"I suppose that, had I not met Sam, [my drug use] could have escalated," she said. "But I'm a control freak. I'm quite good at knowing when I've had enough."

Despite photos emerging of Lily lying face down in a field at Glastonbury and reports surfacing that paramedics had to come and treat her, the star's rep insisted that the 30-year-old is fine.

"Lily is well and happy," they told Star.