Chris Brown's house intruders were allegedly keeping tabs on him before they ransacked his home.

LA cops were called after armed robbers broke into Chris' Californian home, holding his aunt at gunpoint before locking her in a closet.

TMZ broke the news and now reports the singer was followed leading up to the break in. This allowed the criminals to know his whereabouts and strike while he was out clubbing with friends.

A police source has informed the website the thieves told Chris' aunt that they knew he was at a Hollywood nightspot, so needed to move quickly before he came back.

TMZ also posted a video of Chris leaving Argyle nightclub at around 2am, the same time the intruders are said to have got in.

Chris was hosting a pre-party for last night's ESPY Awards, which had been publicised. It's reported that the criminals, said to be three men, had informants at the club who were watching Chris' movements.

It's also thought the culprits, who kept their identities hidden with ski masks, know the 26-year-old and are also familiar with the layout of his house.

Once they fled the scene Chris' aunt was able to call law enforcement.

In a further blow to the Grammy-winner, there have been suggestions that the robbery could also cost Chris time with his daughter Royalty. Sources close to the tot's mother, Nia Guzman, say she thinks Chris' friends may be members of gangs, and the armed robbery shows they've turned on him.