T in the Park came to a triumphant close on Sunday night rounding off the festival’s first year at its new site of Strathallan Castle.

At the festival Music-News.com caught up with Everything Everything bassist Jeremy Pritchard.

He said “I think we’ve played four the past six years, always in the King Tut’s Tent, which is a great home for us. I remember the first time we did it in 2010, we were opening the stage at midday, and it was Friday, so we were expected it to be completely dead. And it was absolutely raging, people loved it.”

“But that tent is massive, it really is enormous, and I always forget that. So it’s really special playing in there. And this new site is really beautiful.

“What I remember about our last appearance at T is that we specifically asked to play on the same day as Kraftwerk. We were wandering about in catering, behind Ralf Hutter. And we were whispering to each other, ‘look – he’s drinking coffee! He is human!’ We eventually plucked up the courage to go over and say, ‘hi, we think you’re amazing, we’ve listened to your music for ages, thanks, bye.’ And he was actually quite chatty, asked the name of our band, and we were thrilled by that – obviously we had to have a lie down after that. But it was fantastic to share a stage with idols of ours.”