Florence Welch is a "strange kind of ambitious".

The flame-haired singer is the frontwoman of hit band Florence + the Machine, who formed in 2007 and are currently impressing with singles from their third album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful.

The record is set to be released later this month, but Florence isn't thinking too much into its reception.

"I try not to think about it. I'm a strange kind of ambitious, because I never cared about having a number-one single," she explained to Billboard. "I remember being 20 at the Glastonbury festival. And I had been invited to come and play the Sunday Tea Tent, and I was in my anorak and I had no wellies, and it was one of the muddiest Glastonburys of all time. I remember looking at the Pyramid Stage and thinking, 'I wish I could perform there just one time.'"

As luck should have it, she and her band will be wowing the crowd there this summer. Hopefully by then Florence's foot will have healed, as she injured it during Coachella earlier this year. It's not a moment that will disappear quickly from the star's memory.

"I realised no one else in the band has taken their shirts off. It's just me up here," she recalls, explaining fans shouted for them to take their clothes off. "I needed to get down with the other naked people. So I jumped pretty fast and hard, and as I landed I just went, 'Ahhhh!' I just knew - I heard the crunch."

Afterwards she had to be carried away for help and she's still embarrassed that the incident took place while she was completely sober.