Bob Dylan was a man of few words when he farewelled Bob Dylan with the Frank Sinatra classic ‘The Night We Called It A Day’.

Letterman introduced Dylan with, “This man first appeared on the old show in 1984 and he was last here in 1993. We couldn’t be more happy and more honoured to have him with us tonight. Ladies and gentlemen, the great Bob Dylan”.

Dylan and band then performed ‘The Night We Called It A Day’ from his current ‘Shadows in the Night’ album.

“Beautiful, thanks Bob. Beautiful. Bob Dylan everybody” Letterman announced shaking Dylan’s hand at the end of the song. Dylan didn’t say a word. The credits rolled and the show was over.

It was a contrast to the jovial Tom Waits who performed a brand new song written especially for the show for Letterman’s farewell. Waits also sat in as a guest on the show for a seven-minute interview, telling jokes and generally clowning with Letterman. Dylan was surreal and from him you would not expect it any other way.

Eddie Vedder was also one of the final Letterman guests where he performed his Pearl Jam classic ‘Better Man’.

Bob Dylan performs The Night They Called It A Day for David Letterman.

Bill Murray was also guested on the David Letterman Show.