Ed Sheeran is “glad other people cried” at his new music video.

The British singer released emotional footage to accompany his latest track, Photograph. It features a collection of home videos from the 24-year-old’s childhood. But while many would well up with a trip down memory lane, Ed admits he remained dry eyed from start to finish.

“My manager cried, and I kind of looked over to him and was like, 'Really?'" he told Billboard. "I guess because it's me, I'm not really going to [cry] … But I'm glad other people cried!”

Photograph is the fifth release from Ed’s hugely successful second album, X. And during a recent chat with Access Hollywood, the star opened up about why he chose to go down such a personal route for his latest video.

“A couple of reasons, I had no time to shoot an actual video, and two I was sitting at home at Christmas and my dad had found all the old footage and had it turned into DVDs for our Christmas present and we were looking through them and I thought ‘that’s amazing stuff’”, he explained. “We were making a big documentary and so I asked if I could use some of that, and then looking at it I thought this could work for a music video as it was going chronologically so it’s cool.”

Ed will be taking his album on tour this year. But during his time on the road, he’s hoping to write some new material as well.
“I try to, but I don't always succeed,” he laughed to Billboard.