Peter Hook has just performed every song Joy Division ever recorded in one show in Manchester.

Hook performed the Joy Division catalogue on May 18, 2015 to mark the 35th anniversary of the death of lead singer Ian Curtis on May 18, 1980.

Peter Hook and the Light performed at the Christ Church in Curtis’ hometown Macclesfield in Manchester. He had announced that all “Proceeds from the event are to be donated to The Epilepsy Society and The Churches Conservation Trust, with the donation to the CCT earmarked for the redevelopment of Christ Church.”

The show featured every track ever written and recorded by Joy Division, including extremely rare songs only used in compilations in the 70s.

Peter Hook and the Light, May 18, 2015 SETLIST

At A Later Date (from Short Circuit compilation, 1977)
Novelty (from Transmission 7”, 1979)
Warsaw (from An Ideal For Living EP, 1978)
No Love Lost (from An Ideal For Living EP, 1978)
Leaders Of Men (from An Ideal For Living EP, 1978)
Failures (from An Ideal For Living EP, 1978)
Glass (from A Factory Sample 7”, 1978)
Digital (from A Factory Sample 7”, 1978)
From Safety To Where? (from Joy Division Substance, 1988)
Autosuggestion (from Joy Division Substance, 1988)
Exercise One (from The Peel Sessions, 1979)
The Kill (from Still, 1981)
Walked In Line (from Still, 1981)
The Drawback (from Warsaw, recorded May 1978, released 1994)
Disorder (from Unknown Pleasures, 1979)
Day Of The Lords (from Unknown Pleasures, 1979)
Candidate (from Unknown Pleasures, 1979)
Insight (from Unknown Pleasures, 1979)
New Dawn Fades (from Unknown Pleasures, 1979)
She’s Lost Control (from Unknown Pleasures, 1979)
Shadowplay (from Unknown Pleasures, 1979)
Wilderness (from Unknown Pleasures, 1979)
Interzone (from Unknown Pleasures, 1979)
I Remember Nothing (from Unknown Pleasures, 1979)
As You Said (from Komikino 7”, 1980)
Incubation (from Komikino 7”, 1980)
Komakino (from Komikino 7”, 1980)
The Sound of Music (from Still, 1981)
The Only Mistake (from Still, 1981)
Dead Souls (from Licht and Blindhelt 7”, 1980)
Atmosphere (from Licht and Blindhelt 7”, 1980)
Atrocity Exhibition (from Closer, 1980)
Isolation (from Closer, 1980)
Passover (from Closer, 1980)
Colony (from Closer, 1980)
A Means to An End (from Closer, 1980)
Heart and Soul (from Closer, 1980)
Twenty Four Hours (from Closer, 1980)
The Eternal (from Closer, 1980)
Decades (from Closer, 1980)
Ice Age (from Still, 1981)
Something Must Break (from Still, 1981)
These Days (from Love Will Tear Us Apart 7”, 1980)
Transmission (from Still, 1981)
Love Will Tear Us Apart (from single, 1980)
Ceremony (from New Order Substance, 1987)
In A Lonely Place (from New Order Substance, 1987)