Snoog Dogg thinks Pharrell Williams “really gets” who he is as an artist.

The What’s My Name? singer has teamed up with fellow musician Pharrell on his latest album, Bush. The pair have worked together before, and for Snoop, it was a joy to get his creative juices flowing with the 42-year-old once again.

“We bring out the best of each other when we're working together musically, dynamically, and spiritually,” he told Entertainment Tonight. "It's just a great feeling to be able to work with somebody like Pharrell, who really gets and understands who I am."

Their previous efforts have included hits such as Drop It Like It’s Hot and Snoop thinks they’ve got some big tracks on their hands this time around too. But the 43-year-old was quick to make clear that they weren’t covering old ground, instead aiming for a record that would have longevity.

“When we made records like Drop It Like It's Hot, those were moment records that we were in the moment and we felt like we needed to make something that was for the moment," he explained. "This record right here, we have a different pursuit of happiness, which is to see this record live forever."

The album has had good reviews from critics, and Snoop thinks it’s because they decided to “emphasise the funk”.

“We wanted to make something that was missing," he continued. "The funk has always been a part of music, but for us to take our time and say that we want to make a record solely dedicated to the funk, and that era of music that felt good to us when we were kids -- to be able to not duplicate it, but just put our own spin on it."

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