Ed Sheeran "constantly" looks up to The Game.

The British singer-songwriter has become famous with his heartfelt lyrics and relaxed sound, often featuring acoustic guitar.
While people may not associate him with rap music, Ed is in fact a massive fan of the genre, especially musician The Game.

"The Game is one rapper that I constantly look up to," he explained to Rolling Stone while citing the star's track Ricky as an inspiration. "He has so much passion and feeling in this song. You know everything he does is the truth."

For the magazine feature, Ed compiled a list of his top songs.

The redheaded crooner has often spoken about his admiration for Eminem and reveals it was his dad who bought him The Marshall Mathers LP, Eminem's third studio album.

One person whose sound is more like Ed's own is Damien Rice, so it's no surprise the 24-year-old also selected his most famous track, Cannonball.

"Seeing Damien Rice perform when I was 11 changed my life forever. After seeing him play this small club in Ireland, I was able to meet him, and he was unbelievably cool," Ed gushed. "I went straight home and started writing songs. I would not be doing what I'm doing now if he'd been a jerk."

Ed is busier than ever at the moment, releasing tracks from his second album x, pronounced aloud as 'multiply'. Over the weekend he teased clips from his upcoming music video for new single Photograph, in which Ed gives fans a glimpse at his childhood with old family videos. From a baby to a teenager playing guitar, the video takes viewers on a journey from his early days to the present.