David Duchovny says he’s a “beginner” when it comes to singing.

The 54-year-old actor, most famous for his roles in TV shows The X-Files and Californication, is venturing into the music industry with his debut album Hell of Highwater, due for release on May 12.

But David admits that prior to taking on the record, he had never been a wannabe vocalist.

“I’m a beginner in terms of my voice,” David told Billboard magazine. “I’ve never sung, it wasn’t even a hobby or anything and all of a sudden I’m standing in front of a mic going, ‘This is for real’.”

“I’m not a guy who came out of the womb with perfect pitch. I’m never gonna win American Idol and I never will but I do have something to say. I do have anough of a sense of pitch that I know I’m not singing it correctly so I’m in that hell where I know I’m tone deaf. But I listened to the album and I liked the singing on it. I’m tickled by it.”

David also revealed in the interview that the process of singing and recording became easier as it progressed. And he even added that it became clear quickly that singing is somewhat like acting.

“All the songs were written in my apartment but the production has opened me up to working with other musicians,” he said.
“It was much more piecemeal than I imagined. It’s very much like acting. You don’t have to be perfect all the way through – you get plenty of takes. It was a complete learning experience by total immersion.”

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