Charli XCX's personality can be summed up as sassy, hungry and cute.

The British singer is riding high on the music scene, recently picking up a Radio Disney Music Award and dominating charts all over the world. She's currently on the Australian leg of her tour before she moves into the States, then on to European dates.

Talking to Q magazine about her life rules, Charli reveals she takes her text talk very seriously.

"Use emojis wisely," she commanded. "There's nothing that annoys me more than when people don't think their emojis through. If you go down the emoji road you need to have a 'top three favourites' that sums up your personality. Mine are the painted nails, a pizza slice and the pink heart with the two yellow stars, which basically means I'm sassy, hungry and cute.

"My mum is always sending me millions, it doesn't help me understand the emotion she's feeling, it just makes me think she's having a panic attack. What does a ghost next to a surfer actually mean?"

Other crucial rules in Charli's life are to never forget your mum's birthday and always to mix vodka and champagne on a night out.

Technology is never far from her mind though, with the 22-year-old imploring others to always have extra headphones on them.

"Always carry spare headphones. I'm always losing them and whenever I'm on a plane and not got some I'm sat next to someone who really wants to talk for the whole journey. It's a lifestyle necessity in 2015!" she stated.

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