Ciara is “excited like a little kid” about her upcoming tour.

The 29-year-old singer kicks off her month-long Jackie Tour on May 3. And the stunning star is more than a little eager to get her show on the road.

“I’m super thrilled,” Ciara told MTV News. “It’s so exciting to go on the road and it’s pretty much been six years since I was out there, and I’m just looking forward to sharing this special part of my life with the fans, because this album is really about marking a special moment for me. I’m looking forward to being able to rock again! It’s been so long, I’ve missed the stage and I’m excited like a little kid.”

Ciara first made a name for herself with her debut single Goodies, before releasing now world-famous tracks including 1, 2 Step.

And Ciara promised that there will be a mixture of her old and new material to delight her most dedicated fans.

“I definitely want to make sure I give my fans the songs that they got to know me from, but at the same time I’m so in love with this album, that I’m ready to get into that and do some new stuff,” she said. “On this tour we’re definitely going to get this new energy started.”

One thing that’s different about Ciara’s upcoming tour is that she is a mother. She welcomed son Future into the world in May 2014. The singer added that she is more than excited about introducing her little boy to the prospect of touring.

“My son is going to be going on the road with me for the whole month and I’m so excited about that because he’s the best road partner to have,” she said. “I’m so proud of him.”